Macro Shots with Nikkor 85mm Macro & DIY Diffuser

Paul Lange

Went to the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge today with the family. Family=not much time to spend taking photos. Usually I end up lagging behind while they wait ahead looking bored. It was quite windy as well which was a real pain but I managed to get some decent shots but I still need more practice.





The 85mm macro is 1:1 so you get life size images on the sensor. The depth of field is still quite small at close range but using the higher ISO, or the flash allowed high f numbers which gave the longer depth of fields. Its still not much though and in the wind with no tripod its quite hard to get focus. Thats why some are not as sharp as I would have liked.
I used the sites upload feature which isn't to bad until you get the hang of it, until then its a pain in the arse! I will knock up a quick tutorial soon. I was planning to do some others along the lines of using all the features on a basic pocket sized camera and things like "overpowering the sun" to get commercial looking shots. Problem is time at the mo though.
this sites upload feature??
yeah, when you have the time, if you want to write some little articles let me know and we can get them on the front page etc
This is one of my favourites but I was unhappy with the head being too far out of focus and the right (Insects right) antenna pointing straight up at the camera making look like it only had 1.

This is the the result after a bit of manipulation in Photoshop.


Compare it to the original posted earlier.