Attention MS OneDrive Free Cloud Storage Reduction

Brian Moore

I've been using MS Outlook for years as one of my E-mail providers and one of the nice benefits has been that Microsoft's cloud storage system "OneDrive" has allowed me 15 gigabytes of free storage. (I guess I'm actually signed up with Windows Live, and Outlook is part of it.) Nevertheless, I happened to notice on Facebook's news sidebar this morning that MS is reducing their One Drive free storage amount from 15 to 5 gb and that as an existing user today, Jan 31, is the last day that I can request to keep my 15gb. Microsoft may have alerted me to this earlier but I never saw an alert.

There is more to it than just the 15-to-5 cut. Here is a link that shows an announcement from MS back in Nov. 2015:

Looking into it I gathered that MS got a lot of complaints about reducing the storage so they have allowed existing customers to request to keep it. I'm assuming that if you don't request to keep it you are automatically cut back from 15 to 5 free gb. I've requested to keep my 15gb by using this here link: