My trip down under as I call it, Trinidad in the West Indies

Ivar Dahl-Larsen

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And my two good friends were there to meet me. Whitey, called up after me, and Dobie which is still a pup. If it was not for those two and the family members, I probably would have turned around and gone back to cooler Norway. As I was restricted by the heat and a certain crime-stricken country, I kept this time close to my home. I thought I let you see a bit about what this part of Trinidad, situated about 30 km northwest of Venezuela may look like through my eyes. Mind you, not new eyes as I have travelled to and fro this island for more than thirty years, almost annually. Now I do not expect you to comment on all these images and you do not have to 😇 But I enclose a few more. I did all these images with Fuji XT1 and an EF 24mm/f2,8 on a Fringer converter., as well as quite a few of them from my excursions with Pentax K3 and a 50mm/f1,4


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Here are a few more from down under in Trinidad.


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Thank you very much Pete. I must admit that this trip aside from seeing the family again, does not call for a return just now. I'll post a few more in a while, which hopefully shows more of what life is like in Trinidad.