NEW - B&H iPhone/iPad App

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
For those that use B&H as either a source of reference, or a place to shop for kit - they've just done a dedicated iPhone app, available for free from the App Store.



Download the free B&H Photo iPhone App to search, browse, and purchase from our entire inventory of the latest in photo, video, pro audio, computers, home and portable entertainment, binoculars, scopes and much more.

Considered the “Professional’s Source” since 1973, B&H Photo Video & Pro Audio in Manhattan has been serving both the professional and enthusiast photographer for over 35 years. B&H is known for its personal, customer service and dedication to providing the best prices on the latest gear.

Need something in a hurry? Purchase and checkout is a snap. Select from any of our fast shipping options using global carriers to over 250+ countries worldwide. We can deliver overnight in many cases. Need to accessorize your gear? Find all the latest accessories easily by searching for your item, then tapping on Accessories. It’s that easy.

The B&H iPhone App brings new resources for working photographers in the field or for those that have misplaced their user manual. You can download and save PDF manuals and guides from thousands of items right to your phone, over-the-air. Get professional reviews, specifications, features, and watch demonstration videos - all prepared by our expert staff. Pinch and zoom on item photos in high-resolution detail. It’s almost like being at our SuperStore on 34th Street in New York City!

As a photo or other professional or enthusiast shopping for the latest gear and accessories at the best prices, your iPhone has never been more convenient.
For those that have never visited the store in NY - it's the single biggest photo store I've ever been in - simply amazing.

Huge range of demo stock, very knowledgable staff, great prices.

Closed on Saturdays, but open on Sundays - Jewish owned business, so on key Jewish holidays the store will also be closed.

One of the few reputable discount stores in NY.

Here's a shot I took on my first visit - note the stock coming overhead in bins to the checkout!!


If you're ever in NY - go and visit, but leave your credit card in the hotel safe or it may be expensive ;)

9th Ave. @ 34th St.
New York, NY 10001
Blimey I have never seen any thing like that ...
It does my nut that stuff from B&H comes up in uk google shopping though, the amount of times I end up on thier site after finding a good price only to find it a shop in the US ...
I've taken delivery of a friend's Nikon 400mm lens before now from B&H - and then UPS'd it to him in Blighty...

Saved him a fortune - shipping from B&H to me was cheap - UPS to Blighty was more, but still left him with a significant saving over buying in the UK.

I have also had mates fly in from the UK on business or vacation to NY - and plan to buy kit whilest there.

Their savings paid for the flights....