Darren Turner


Nice Little Place To Stay When In Snowdonia Wales. ;)
it was 3 raw files edited in photomatix then cs4 tweaks....took it a while back now, but i like the end result even though it looks a little fake lol

thought it might be hdr... its not bad... it sorta looks fake because it looks real ... or enhanced real.... i dont know... i cant work it out :)
yeah i am the same Hamish i cant work it out either, but i think i like it......... :)
i like it... it reminds me more of the kind of dynamic range your eyes see in real life.

HDR never works for me because it looks obviously false, even the human eye doesnt see things in that kind of range. This image however, feels more real than real, if that makes sense. My eye enjoys looking at it and it pops nicely.

The only comment i'd make, is that you need to watch your red fringing. The white wall to the very far left shows a very strong red fringe along the edge. You can easilly pull that out in post processing, and its something to keep an eye out for.
Thanks for your comments folks, behind the builidng is Cader Idris.......one of wales largest mountains, how lucky am i to live here lol
Does anyone actually like using a mobile phone?........I have a cheap mobile I brought from Tescos 2 years ago, I have put a total of £20 credit on it in that time. I have .37p on it at the moment and it will stay that way for a few months yet.
I'm not allowed within 1 mile of sheep the judge said!
in wales ... .... ........ ;)
very lucky, as long as you dont like using a mobile phone ;)


sorry its a bit bigger that the permissable size

screen capture taken from my I Phone 4 a few mins ago.......showing i do actually have reception here.........JUST

this has been the only phone i have had in 9 years ( i change it each year ) of living here that has actually had signal in my lounge.

Who says the i phone has crap signal..........mine dont...........l
get an i phone4 vic......your life and views of a mobile phone will change....trust me.....lol

I just bought mine on pay as you go to replace my previous 3gs i phone..........cost a small fortune.....but its amazing.........
yeah i phones are bloody ace!

the image size is fine... i need to clarify the image size info in the faq... i havent done it yet... but i will:)
I think I could do without a iPhone, If I go out it's because I want to be alone, not so some muppet can ring me with unnecessary drivel or the wife asking me where I am and what time I'll be home. Do we really need this constant communication? I have no need for the pointless apps,. I think my hatred of phones stems from being a Plumber on call 24hrs a day, when I stopped doing that I threw away my old phone and have had no need of one since. You can live without them, try going without one for a week and see how liberating it is and look at the money you save, fight the phone curse, go fight it!
see even talking about bloody phones I lost track of how I was going to process this photo I'm working on.
haha.....nooooooooooo i couldnt live my life without i phone, its just not possible at al............ i need the abillity to be contacted around the clock via various people i guess i am just soooo popular.......haha
I rest my case! see your all mad.....I hope we have a massive solar flare and all the networks get knocked out, on second thoughts that might be even more annoying hearing people on the train shouting into a dead phone ' YEAH, I'M ON THE TRAIN' yeah don't we all know it.
haha......guess my attempt and trying to convert you is failing vic? lol