Oxford Snaps Part 1

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
This is the roll (Portra 400) where I forgot to take the orange filter off the lens. In editing I initially used the colour sliders in an attempt to restore what should have been, and even rendered them in b&w, but I actually preferred the dream-like quality they already had. Fitting, as the holiday already feels like a dream.

Mamiya 6 having its first big outing, I'm really pleased with it. As far as I can tell, there is only one slight negative. Looking through the viewfinder you can see the shutter speed illuminated on the left edge, and you can adjust the exposure as you please - that is unless the sun is really shining brightly, then it is harder to see, sometimes impossible. So I have since bought the new TT Artisan Meter (click link) which now sits on the Cold Shoe, and works brilliantly.

All the following are from a walk along the canal with my daughter, about 10am on a very hot day:

Building reflections 1c.jpg

Small Boat by House on Canal 1a.jpg

Small Boat by House on Canal 2b.jpg

Canal building reflection.jpg

Canal dream.jpg
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Great set, also particularly the second for me. Brings to my mind old oil paintings, yellowed yet still beautiful in spite (or because) of the ravages of time.
Lovely scenic pictures and warm I might say, naturally, it was a hot day, right? Very good Rob, really like them. Always wanted to go to Oxford. I may learn something.