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Toads doing what comes naturally on the bank of the loch over the back from us last spring.
This is a 2.1mp crop from the original 4mp image file, taken on an old Canon Powershot S40 that I rescued from a charity shop for a fiver a few years back. Shot in raw mode and converted/edited in PS Elements 6. I was curious to see how it wouldlook on paper, so I printed it to fill a sheet of A4 as best as the mismatched proptions would allow without cropping. I was amazed how good it came out. Despite the (numerical) lack of resolution it's remarkably crisp, sharp and very pleasing to the eye. The file I've uploaded here is the same one I used to print, just compressed a little to meet the site's requirements. Maybe I ought to make more use of that little digicam...


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Thanks, Pete. It would have been better without the blades of grass in front of the little guys, but the moment came and went quite quickly.
The camera came with it’s original case and battery and still works fine. It’s later cousin, the S70, was my first proper digital camera back in 2004 although now it shows more wear and tear than this S40 having been to many a Duran gig and been bounced around in the throng.