Snow Monster/Mummy in my back garden

Dan Cattermole

Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble
Spoke to Hamish over the weekend, and he said for me to start posting more threads on the forum, so I took his advice and started off with a coulpe of pictures that landed me with a tickle of the good old man flu (spending an hour outside at night in minus 8 wasn't the best thing I've done) but I'm pleased with the results and like to share with all RPF members. muchos :)


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Thanks Tim. As you can Imagine the look on my neighbours face from their upstairs window whilst I'm colouring myself with a tourch (and translucent film casing) wasn't the most reassuring look at all. but hey, Great fun it was......
Maybe I should show them the result and explain my methods rather than leaving them with a doubt of insanity in their minds. lol :)
Hahaha!!! I think I'll go with that one pete. thanks
Dan, these are very good buddy, I'd like to see you taking an image like this...
Run us through the instructions for doing this would ya :)

And well done for getting some images in the forum :)
Thanks for the comments Hamish. I used an L.E.D tourch I purchased from tesco with a white film case over it (which conveniently fitted over the object of light nicely) :) set the camera to bulb. (data states I'd been Lighting myself for 120 secs) ISO 400 (why? I don't know)(I forgot to change back to ISO100 from previous shots) and set apature to f/18. and 'painted' my body with the light.
I can't get the L/Renfuse to work at the mo, so I used elements on the shot(s) with the footprints (one for the prints, and another take for the 'Monster/Mummy')
I enjoyed the outcome of the pictures and didn't expect them to turn out anygood (although I'm sure its been done before) I might do a few more of these in urban areas. but really need to get the knack of this enfuse. must be doing something wrong :(
That effect is great - the mummy really looks mummified, as it were... I'll get my coat ;)