Stonehenge Sunrise.

Vic Shaw

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Taken in '08

With all this talk of Sunrises at Stonehenge I thought I'd better cough up some.






Thanks guys, although I thought the 1st one was a bit poor, I just couldn't seem to get the colours right or as nice as the others. It could do with a revisit now I'm wiser
Odd, I thought the 1st was the best too, it's not cliche! The others are a bit right time right place and you will get a good result with a bit of effort. The first put's a new spin on the over photographed monument. (sorry if that seems like a critism of the others).
It's great how we all like different things. everyone likes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd normally with No3 winning pretty much, However I have always liked 4 and 5 with 5 being my favourite. I really cannot take credit for the 1st 3, some one put the mist out and pushed the sun over the horizon. I like 5 most because I feel that it shows how sad it is that the Stones are closed it's always said a little more to me.
no 3 for me, it has the mysterious magical feeling when looking at it, the colours seem to be perfect for giving off that feeling about the place
I like the colours in the third one but my fave is the fourth, with the big stone and bird in the foreground.
Makes a nice change to just seeing the monument on its own.
i think it is the juxtaposition of something so short lived as a spiders web in context with something so old as a set of standing stones that makes it so interesting... its my favourite too... the fact that it is well taken is of course a bonus
I remember seeing these first time around vic......i have always loved that first image........ stonehenge from a different perspective. Great colours and detail i really like it.

seems there's something for everyone here, the stone that the bird is sitting on is called The Heel Stone.
stunning - 1, 2 and 3 are all winners for me - should be making money out of these shots.

Just getting up at that time of day to get the shots is impressive in itself! LOL