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Barry Keavney

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This here is one of the test-shots for my brothers single "Things you like to do", which is being released in January.
This isint nearly finished because I've gotten extremely agitated due to using a laptop with a retina burning screen. But you can see where I'm heading for...

Ha! So do I ... Looks cross processed .... What did you do to it to make it like that?

Me and Luke were talking about steak on Thursday ... You fancy the same as before, we were saying we would buy your beers when we get bak to town in return for driving...
Sound like a good idea?
Like the vintage feel of the colour - could maybe do with a little sharpening around the face area?

You have multiple test shots, or how are you doing it?
I like it very much so.....great idea to the image, the processing what ever you have done is also brilliant..... kind of an olde film type of photo........i agree with chris, there doesnt seem to be a focus point, a very soft image, i would personally prefer the face at the very least to have been sharpened a little.

The colours do look a bit wierd but it does look arty, and I like it.
That's a real good shot but something is not right about the sky, although I don't think that is where the problem is. Maybe I would either crop out the sky just above the head or the bottom just below the knee. I think I prefer the later as it immediately puts the main focus on the face. Just my IMHO though, Am I alone?
The sky is spot on you crazy man ... What's not right is the closeness of the foot to the bottom of the frame

i dont feel this is an issue, what else would there be between the foot & bottom of frame........more tarmac....?? Seems pointless is that was the case IMO. The Crop Is Perfect..........!!

I atcually like the sky, its fits in well with the processing of the image.

( this is proving to be a very Controversial image haha )

yah more tarmac ... im talking about subject within composition, tarmac is a just a part of the nothing to move the subject slightly up in the frame ... no?
Oh OK, I'll be over here alone if anyone wants me.......

It looks to me that there are too many strong focal points in the one shot and your eye gets wrestled between them. I think this is what Hamish is also saying.
Actually now I'm sober...your bloody right! lol
Its one of those things where I put so much time into setting it up, that I forgot how to photograph it, because I was too stressed. I have more which I will have to put ALOT more effort into. I wonder sometimes if I rely on Post pro so much that I get lazy with the camera itself? Mind you, we were there in a bog for hours, wet & miserable...I couldn't have cared less by that stage.
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When I get lazy or tired when actually taking photos I use a wider angle to I can more easily rely on post process, it's a lazy method, but it works for me ...