The Clouds of War.

Vic Shaw

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Ok so the title is a little cheesy, again a oldish photo thats undergone new PP. the original was a B&W affair but i kinda like this.


Do you think I should have got rid of the aerial and MG42?

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I quite like the treatment you hav used here and, given the maount of post-processing already applied, yes, I'd get rid of them to make it more graphic still. It might be nice if it could be cropped slightly differently such the the muzzle points directly to the top RH corner. What do you think?
Not sure if it would be possible to crop it, I guess it would be nice but then part of the Tiger would be lost. I had to frame it so to keep some clutter from out of the frame. I would have loved to get a little elevation here to get the muzzle more in you face, pretty much like the Stug picture in another thread. I've already removed an extra soldier from behind the commander, a US flag in the background and some blokes head and hand to the left of the tank. I will remove the gun and aerial just to make it complete, thanks for the input.