The rushing water at Dartmeet

Alastair Cummins

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I like these Alastair. Especially the last one, nice and sharp with just the right amount of water blur so it doesn't look like mist.

Any chance of sharing the settings (exif reader can't read them) and any filters used???
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Somewhere else I remember well! We have a water colour picture on our wall of Dartmeet.

Nice photos - though the HDR/saturated style isn't quite my thing, you've done it very well here.
The HDR kind of look wasnt intentional really. I was disappointed to find the pics looked very flat when on the PC so played around with them alot. its a shame as I doubt il be able to get up there again before the leaves drop.

These shots were taken in shade at around 4pm with an ND filter and the basic EXIF data for the second shot is..

Camera Nikon D40
Exposure 2.5
Aperture f/22.0
Focal Length 19 mm
ISO Speed 200

I havnt done any photography like this for ages but its pretty addictive so hopefully will be bale to get out for some more practice at some point :)