Through a glass... sparkly

Ralph Turner

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I hope @Rob MacKillop doesn't mind my pinching and modifying his thread title. After seeing his great abstract images there, it made me think of a glass I photographed a couple of years ago, having dropped and shattered it on the floor. Rather than just bin it I gathered all the larger pieces and placed them inside the still-complete base section, then shone a fairly diectional light (small reading lamp) through it all. I quite liked the effect. It's something I might try again, though next time perhaps getting a smaller light source a little closer in to make more of the random light patterns transmitted through.
(Taken with Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 with Pentacon 30mm f3.5 (a £20 combo from the 'Bay) on HP5+, lab devved, scanned with Panasonic GX1 and Componon 50mm f4)


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