Tops and Tails

Vic Shaw

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Taken in Tate Modern again, I kinda like that place. It is a good place to chill for a bit when strolling around and it was bloody cold again, yippee! winters coming. I much prefer the winter light, the air seems so much clearer. I liked this shot it was the one I was most excited about on the train ride home, however I'm not so sure about it now.


I actually like the guy on the left. I did consider cropping him out as the tail end of some words are at the top left, but I kinda like him. Although as I haven't tried it with him cropped out I shall do so and have a look.
Damn it pains me to say it, yeah your right :p

I also cropped it a little more uniform, rather then the random ratio of before, don't know why I did that.
It's much easier to see things in the work of others though. I find that when you are concentrating on an image you get caught up in a certain way or detail or something. I find it useful to take a break from an image and then come back later. I do this when working in a darkroom as otherwise you find yourself making a load of prints that you can barely tell apart the next day and that would have been infinitely better had you cropped or done a major change in the first place. That's why this forum is so great.
I think your right, I did spend ages looking at this and got attached to the guy in the corner, but really the idea was 'legs and heads' so I guess that put me back on track and the crop does make it much better. As you say this is what makes this forum great, I can see how my picture style PP wise has changed in the short time I've been here.

Funny though I thought I would get pulled up on the space at the bottom but I thought I might get away with it because of the reflections.:)
The texture is the remains of the Crack a installation they had in the turbine hall, I thought one of the best installations they have had in there.