Tower Bridge and The River

Vic Shaw

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Went out today as Paul said 'I should get out more ' in another thread and look what happened I fell over with the camera in my hand!


I'm not sure if I like this image, I'd taken a similar one about 2 years ago at around 7 in the morning from a little further back and I liked the idea, but the light was in the wrong place.Today as I was passing about an hour before sunset the light seemed right to try again. It still had to have alot of work but it just does not feel right to me.

Very interesting!

Possibly would benefit from more DOF and long exposure to loose detail in the water?
It was hand held so I wasnt able to do that although thats a good idea and well worth a redo with that. That would also mean I would have to use a tripos so I would be a little higher about 18" -24" which I think would make it a little interesting as the rill would then offer a better lead-in.
You could put your tripod center pole in upside down, suspend the camera upside down, and get a low angle still....
I have a little travel tripod that small enough to get the angle required, so that should work. not sure anout the square crop although it works a little better when they are right at the bottom L&R corners, I just think it needs a little more height. I have a test shot I took when standing up, I shall post that and see what you think

I actually like this composition better, I've only given it a rough HDR, It's not one I would have processed because it's a little odd line.
I agree about the left side, I think thats why I didn't PP it, in general I like the composition better, but it is that left side. I'm working on another one, this one taken in landscape, I may revist the 2nd and spend a little time on it, although the angles are not good with it
another 2 versions. I nearly like these and took a few in this format. I turned it into B&W ( which might work on version 2) just because I couldn't seem to get the colours right here, there seems to be far to many hues for this clumsy bloke.


Vic, it was actually Pete who said you should get out more. I would never suggest that anyone who wittles the hours away playing online games should get out more........................

I like the first shot bu tnot the water. I see the problem which is that you need a high f No for large depth of field but a small F No for a fast shutter on the water if you want it sharp.

Could you not take both shots and combine them in photoshop?
Sorry Paul don't know why I thought it was you:) (we're both wrong it was Tim)

I guess I could do that, although these were taken at F4 so I've plenty to play with and the ISO was higher then normal too. I have now become obsessed with the red building on the right. I shall return there next week with a tripod in hand and attempt it again.