Tuesday and wednesdays Stroll (squirrels)

Laurie Parker

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Went for a stroll on tuesday and wednesday seeing as the weather is really pleasant at the moment and came across few of my creature friends lol - just a few as I have so many of these squirrel images



I really like squirrels, I love the way the hold them selves, like when they have a nut, or in that second photo ... Cute... And captured well!
I'm not want to talk about highlights, but the light bits look a touch light to me...
Although it might just need a tweak on the white balance to warm the highlights up a bit?
Hope ou don't mind the comment?
nope dont mind comments at all all taken onboard, baffled now though cos im looking through the monitor 1 which is calibrated and the highlights look fine but on the uncalibrated no2 they look a little cold if that makes sense, except image two the area under is chin is bit bright in both due to me being a dimebar and full sun hitting him. may run spyder again now maybe it needs adjusting as different light in room now too cheers for that.
they look better on my calibrated screen actually...
just a little bright, but not clipped as they had looked on my other computer... maybe just wind them down a touch and see how it looks?
they do look a touch cold on this screen too
shall have a nose now these were with manual wb but raw files, shall try warming slightly no 3 looks lot warmer but was in shade so could be the sun and the manual wb setting tends to baffle the camera on occasions as well as blind me lol
There is just something about the way they appear and disapear fleetingly ...
I was in cash converters the other day and one ran in through the door ... Was odd!
I, personally, wouldn't bother with anything else really other than slightly desaturating the blue in Lightroom. Could just be my monitor but there seems to be a blue-ish tinge around the...fluff? which makes it cold. Otherwise, I really like the photos of the fluffy ********...who ruined my life...
Right I re ran the calibration software and its still fine thought might have to do with different light in room this time of year but all appears fine, no 1 tiny tiny pieces of his tail are being warned to me via the highlight warning, and no 2 under chin which I was aware of anyways my fault with that for not paying attention when taking the shot lol.
I'm not picking up blueish tinge here well except for the colour that is on them within the white the grey colour but that is actually on the squirrels some have more than others, and sometimes this lot from the area I go have a lot of red on them, there is a black one there also but hes proving to be a git to capture and believe me I am trying lol.

Im a massive squirrel fan myself adore them and could spend ages just watching them scampering about, sounds like you have had a bad time with them Barry?
Fantastic shots! :)

Especially like #3 - the pose and the sweep of the tree really work a treat.

I wonder if Barry lost a Topic bar to one as a kid??? ;-)
Tufty Club member Barry?