Tywyn Beach

Darren Turner



Breaking news!!!

DT gets horizons level!!!
I'm not too sure about the first shot, looks like it could have been a candidate for a hard ND grad filter. That way you could have exposed the foreground for longer. I like the 2nd the composition is good and the froth on the beach is an unusual feature that adds to the image.
Haha @ vic, my new cam has built in spirit level you see, so when i remember to use it the horizon come out quite well..........lol

I wanted to show the nice colours in the sky, a shot of simply a nice sky & bit of sea didn't appeal, i thought it needed a little something else in the foreground, that why i included the beach, even thought its a little dark. Some people silhouettes would have been ideal but there was only me their at the time so this wasn't possible,

I dont posses an ND Grad or i would have tried it out. As you well know there aint many ways around a shot like this unless you try some HDR

Thanks for your comments paul.

I like the second one.

For the first, you could set it up with two layers in PS, the lower one a copy which you exposed more for the foreground, and simply reveal the lower one using a straight line along the horizon...?
he will soon slide back to his old ways.......... :)