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Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
panasonic gf1 with modded russian lens again... in this instance i like the low contrast images that when forced to have a bit of contrast look odd... again, i dont know why i like it i just do :)
bleachy by pass thing again



I like the second one with the window being placed in the frame of the two black bars top and bottom. The window it self is great, it has me thinking as to why the bottom left pane is new modern glass as opposed to the others. With the first picture I would consider a crop just above the black mark in the gully lower left, just to bring the dark line of the sofix down and a little .
Yes, number two is nice, a very interesting study. Not straight though...

Not sure about the lighting in no. 1.
Blinkin flash web sites don't work on my iPhone

Like your pipes photo?

I used to do a lot more warm split tones, but I have moved away from them... I like the bleakness of the grey/slight pink tones I have gone for... I can't say that wont change with time, it's just where I am at with them at with at the moment if that makes sence?
I was actually going to suggest a less strong tone on your pipes photo, but I have done similar many times and will do the same again...
Its odd how aspects of a personal style come and go eh?