Watching You

Actually, I have no idea if this was a building used by the former Stasi. It's in the Mitte district of Berlin and contrasts so well against the other buildings and, in the right light, looks ominous enough to have been.


Ricoh GR Digital III. ISO 64, 1/125, f3.5.

Decided against correcting the perspective as it had a bit more menace about it as is.
That's the area I stayed at whilst in Berlin. In the Art Hotel, nice hotel and Gordon the barman didn't use the measure for my JD, most enjoyable stay :). It does look out of place and I like the Stasi suggestion coupled with the round front for good surveillance. Great sky too.
Thanks Vic. A couple odd colours (almost like metamorism) have crept in following conversion from TIFF to JPEG, probably really from 16 bit to 8 bit. The image is a layer blend of a slightly stained B&W conversion and a CP, high contrast colour layer ('cos I wanted more grit in the image).

If you cross the bridge over the river just north of the Pergamon Museum, the building is about 200 m on the left. Still a pretty non-restored area and the building itself appears to be empty.
This is the bridge I would cross to get to the Main station from the Mitte district

Ah, that's at the other end of Museum Island. The bridge I mean is the wider one just before the river splits (into the canal and river) up by the Bode Museum just No of the Pergamon. Tucholskystr heading towards Oranienburgerstr.

Nice shot though, I noticed it on your site. You do get some great skies over Berlin.
I think I know where you mean, i wish I would have had more time there. I only had three days in Germany and we had to go and see Colditz and Sachsenhausen so it was a quick rush around Berlin.