When it kinda goes wrong...

Ralph Turner

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Up until now my success with loading film rolls onto dev spirals has been ok, no particular problems. My latest roll, though, proved to be a bit of a rogue, to say the least. After a lot of stress and swearing (and tiredness - I did this at the wrong end of the day) I finally coerced it after my third attempt. I nearly gave up, though, and thrown it in the bin, as I had a gut feeling things were a little dire. A have more of an account of it on my Substack. Luckily a few frames were salvageable. Here's one original neg scan, along with it's intermediate stage of editing, before setting to with the cline tool and healing brush for the final version.
Ah well, I guess you can't win 'em all.
I also did an A4 print of this image. It came out surprisingly well.


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