Wouldnt Dare Take This Picture These Days

Darren Turner


this image was taken before the terrorist problems that are facing the world these days. Although this guy didnt look to happy with me haha

I always think these type of shots are bery effective, not sure if I like the pose of the guy though.
Nice one Daz. Lovely comparison of train and Shank's pony!
He looks like he's had a bad day at the Office:D
Ah, the good old days! ;)

I used to like snapping away on the tube and around the BR terminals in London - always plenty to shoot

Love the blur - but man he looks like a grumpy sod doesn't he! LMAO!

So what's the current environment like for shooting in London - anyone any up to date info on how plod and security treat photographers?
according to what I have read it should all be ok now. There have been a few isolated incidents of over zealous police, but they cannot do much. I think the private security are worse coming out and telling you not to take pictures of building etc. The Tripod police are out in force round the London eye and I belive tripod are banned on tube platforms. Although if your quick enough it's to late by the time they stop you as the cannot get you to delete the card.