A Thing of Beauty...

Barry Keavney

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Why is this in the Architecture section???
Because, just like the Triangles of Egypt, the spike in Paris, and that long wall in China...this is an Architectural masterpiece...
A labour of Love, Money and absolute dis-regard for my missus, It has now passed her MOT!
After losing my license in '07, I have waited to get back on a Bike and after just passing my car test; herself has given me the "go-ahead" to insure my bike.
Expect to see less of me around here while the weather is good ;):p


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Nice one,
Although, that's not a thing of beauty, this is a thing of beauty! ;)

Funny you should mention that! As you know I was deliberating over the 50 1.4, and the 35 1.8, and as much as I like the 50mm, I think I will get more from the 35mm. I'll be scouting Ebay for one shortly, unless anyone here decides to sell one first of course!! :)