Bad day! Very bad day!

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
My ****ing d3 broke at a wedding today!!!
Had to borrow one of a guest so Greg could continue shooting... It says "err" after every photo and they don't come out as they should ... This happend as I was taking the shots of the b&g ... Bad day, bad bad day
that's a bummer sorry to hear that, you sure it's the camera and not the card?
Yup, I use the card in a different d3 that I borrowed, not to mention it does it when there isn't even a card in it... It is buggered.. Best bit - I have another wedding Thursday! Camerent here we come!
is there a factory reset button? it sounds like a electronic problem rather then mechanical.
You tried reseating the lens?

On Canon, this is sometimes the cause of errors on camera.
Hi Hamish, sorry to hear about the camera. This is a long shot but try cleaning all the electrical contacts with a cotton bud and some alcohol. You might just have a bit of tarnishing on a contact. Also if available try a firmware update or reloading the current firmware.

These are complete guesses but your camera is buggered so they wont do any more harm and worth a shot just in case.
thats a bummer, sorry to hear you got caught out.... with my 40D being sold recently, i'd been holding off as i'd had a wedding at the start of this month and i kept it around, just in case the 5D decided to pack up. Thankfully both cameras did sterling service, but I'd never enter a wedding environment without a suitable backup camera, just in case the worst should happen.

Once i recover financially from my recent car happenings, i'll pick up another body to replace the 40D as my backup/sports camera (perhaps a 1d mkII n)
Hamish - any resolution on the issue?
Dunno if you have tried this most likely you have but a friend of mine had same problem with his Nikon D300 turned out on one occasion he needed to clean the battery contacts and on the second occasion his mirror had locked up causing the error
It went off to nikon today for a quote for repair.. Thankfully I have a mate with a d700 what he has kindly leant to me today :)
I have had to sell my turntable to afford the repair as it is not covered by my insurance as it is mechanical wear :( ah well things come and go ... They are only things
It's well out of waranty ... I'm going to wait until I get a quote and see if I can get some info from a tech person to find out if it was possibly due to a fault in manufacture ... If it is nikon will fix it for free, if not, big bill
I hope they can sort this out quickly Hamish! I took in a 1DS2 this week with a shutter problem (sticking, was not used for 2 years), even though I did not ask for it I walked out with a loan body they insisted I take!
i know ... i had one (i had a d300 when this happened) sold it, was about to buy a d700 when something happened where the money was needed for something else ... we just haven't got around to getting a replacement yet!
gonna hang fire until the D4 now i think