Calibrated Vs Uncalibrated Monitor

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Having gone through the proces of colour calibrating my main desktop monitors, and then my laptop screen with a Spyder - I still have the issue of the laptop screen having 'auto brightness'.

This means that when I import a RAW file into Photoshop on the laptop, I can't seem to get the exposure right - the screen is just not consistent on brightness! :(

Every time I figure I've guessed the difference in brightness, I find I haven't - here's a perfect example.

Picture imported into PS on the laptop, tweaked to look good for exposure:


Same file imported into PS on my calibrated desktop, again tweaked for exposure:


The second image is 'correct' - ie I took it for printing on a calibrated printer, and it came out looking the same as my desktop screen image.

Screen variances suck! :mad:
i have 3 screens
1 eizo s2231... not a photo screen as such... but not far off... i calibrate it and get spot on results
2 Samsung 2243.... secondary to above, used for the controls part of lightroom ... also calibrated, although not as accurate and need calibrating more often to stay overly useful
3 lg ls1510 .. i call it my "web screen" ... its the lowest common denominator screen, low rez, old, uncalibrated ... usefull for seeing how stuff looks on the web...

it is a pain that they vary so much, but as long as one is calibrated well and you keep on top of it.. ie calibrate it every 2 weeks ... then just rely on that screen
The first image looks the best on my laptop monitor which is not calibrated but happens not to be far off what my printer puts outs. this is a fluke as I have not made any efforts to adjust the screen or import a profile. My screen wasn't far off what I got from a professional printers either.

My laptop screen seems to match yours - go figure!!
Me too, on my uncalibrated desktop monitor, the first one looks fine but maybe a little dark, the second one looks over-exposed.
I guess this thread illustrates the problems, and the need for calibration nicely! LOL
the second one looks very over exposed to me, I guess I should get me one of them calibration devices, but I'm to poor and my kids need new chicken skin slippers