Claire Martin, Linn and Ultimate

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Yesterday i travelled to Stonehouse in Gloucestershire for work, it was perhaps my ideal job .. so i thought id tell you all about it ..

Linn (for those who dont know) are a HiFi manufacturer based in Scotland ... they produce a fairly wide range of hifi from the fairly affordable to the highly expensive. I my self have a linn majik dsi, a music streamer/dac/pre amp/amp.

Ultimate are one of their larger, if not largest uk dealers. (we also built their web site)

linn also have a record label that has recently won Gramophone's record label of the year 2010.

Claire Martin is one of Linn records artists

Yesterday, Ultimate hosted a Linn event where Claire Martin performed in front of 75 guests to promote linn and ultimates connections and dedication to music.

and i got to take the photos ... Live music, Hifi, and photography all in one afternoon ... it was most enjoyable!!

Looks like you had a good day, hobbies and work all together and hopefully paid :)

Thats a good picture,

I like that her binoculars match her outfit!

Used to have LINN Keilidhs back in the day - sold them and moved to ProAC Response 2.5

My buddy back in Leicester is all LINN - including a huge pair of Linn Isobariks that dominate his lounge!!

Great that a UK company can still innovate and sell expensive hifi around the world - and also move into the digital download world so solidly.
I have a linn majik dsi ... its brilliant!
I personally think Linn as a whole are fairly far ahead of the game ... their own record label ... where they produce music to download in mp3, cd quality, and "studio master" 24/88 in an open format... all of which can then be then played back through their digital "ds" streamers ... i think it is the way forward ... and say what you like about the lp12, there arnt many products that could have been bought 30 years ago and are still in production with parts available to upgrade to bang up to date versions ...
this isn't relevant to the photographs but in a previous employ i used to make the boxes for one of their record decks, it was made from aircraft aluminium and black anodised .... i tried to get a free sample but alas it was not to be
i don't really get the scope in this job to do such things, at that point i was a production engineer in a sheet metal factory so could do what i liked.

it does sound fun though, i do like a bit of brushed steel, like my beogram
DS-i ... built in amp ... just add speakers
upgrade with power amp as it has build in pre with outs
upgrade with pre as it has line outs ...
you know the old linn upgrade path ****...
still, offers lots of options etc
sound quality is awesome too... especially with a valve pre in to some active adams

I don't unfortunately ...
Lovely part of the world he lives in though!
I keep trying to find excuses to go Dow. There and take some photos of the area ... One day!