Coffeepot Rock - Sedona AZ

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent

If you're ever visiting the SW USA, make sure you pencil in a visit to Sedona AZ.

The rock formations are amazing, and rival Yosemite / Grand Canyon etc IMHO.

This formation has a rock shaped like a diner coffee pot on the right (center frame) - hence the name - and dominates the West Sedona area near Highway 89A.

Shot with a circ polarizer, then treated in Photoshop with their IR B&W filter.

Canon 5D MKII and 70-200 f2.8L lens
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Same rock formation in colour - shot with the 300 f2.8L - evening lighting


You have to be careful with WB, as the camera sees all the red rock, and tries to compensate for what it thinks is a red lighting cast!
really love the second image, really stunning lucky to live in the houses to the foreground.

Not sure about first image, i feel its over exposed / blown highlights which ruin it for me.

I think I prefer the colour one too, like Darren said it does look over exposed, probably the IR treatment .
yeah that's a good idea tim, to view the original if possible, to see if the treatment / post processing has had any influence on the highlight issue.

Here you go chaps - original colour shot from yesterday - usual tweaks in PS.


The IR filter in Photoshop does blow out the highlights, especially on anything green such as the trees, but I kind of liked the look for that image - a more trad B&W conversion could keep everything in range.
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I think the colour one looks better, you can see the houses more which were virtually blown out before.
Maybe a more traditional B/W conversion might look alright?
I presume that the IR filter in photoshop is only capable of producing a faux IR image? If the camera has a High Pass filter I guess that such a thing blocks IR light waves?

I like the larger colour photo but not too sure about the Telephone Poll in the left foreground.
yes the colour version is far superior image in my opinion, the place looks amazing, i have of course visited this or a similar area in Red Dead Redemption on Xbox, but that's another story........haha

The telephone pole is an easy clone out if needs
Telephone pole.... what telephone pole? ;)

Here's pole-less version in colour, and also a more traditional B&W conversion for comparison.


The tradition B/W looks better than the IR version to me, but out of all the versions I prefer the colour one.
Its a beautiful scenic area and for me personally the colour captures that so much better that rock colour really is something worth showing,

Funny that too Darren I galloped past similar scene on my horse in RDR too haha
Never thought of using XBox games as a scouting tool for photography! LOL