door in your neighbourhood theme, 20/10/10 - 29/10/10

Hamish Gill

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sorry i started this a bit late ... a few extra days for this to find something

since we all like doors so much .... lets go out and find one this week :)

(barry, i got first dibs on the pig room door... im not saying i want it to be my photo ... i just got first dibs)
Ok, here's a doorway shot from this afternoon, taken at the San Luis Rey mission, which is just 5 mins up the road from me.

Figured it would have an interesting door or two, as it's the oldest building in the area by miles!

Happened to arrive as a big wedding was kicking off - so I stuck my lens in as the bride and father waited for the ceremony to start.


The wave pattern on the door is symbolic, it's the Spanish "River of Life" pattern, which is meant to symbolize the four Gospels.

You see it a lot on the California Mission doors.
Here's the full door as well:

Well, this one is pretty near. It's the garden shed. The structure dates from the early 17th century (about the last time the mower was used!) but I guess the cladding and the door have been repaired and replaced many times since. The hinges look pretty originl though.


Leica M9 + Leica Elmarit-M 28 / 1:2.8 ISO 160 1/35 at f9.5 Tin type simulation with coffee stain after a spot of fill light in LR. Allowed colour layer to bled though a bit to give it a hand coloured look. Usual vingetting etc. Light was a bit too strong and directional for what I had in mind. If I get a chance I'll re-shoot it in softer light.
you have a 17th century garden shed!

Love the muted tone effect
I do indeed. The house was built in 1639 and the 'shed' was built at about the same time (it probably covered a well). The brickwork inside is 17th century as is the basic frame but, as Paul says, I'm pretty sure the cladding and door are later (but still well over 100 years old) and the roof certainly is (can 19th century wrinkly tin!). The gargoyle isn't original either (unless the garden centre 'arf-inched it off of York Minster!!) ;)
In an attempt to steer thing back on course (could be ploughing a lonely furrow here) here's my twist on it. The door is in my house, so very in my neighbourhood. Also I wanted to try to put a different slant on things.

Faces in the Door (2978 x 1984).jpg
We call what is beyond thy door "the pig room" there is a butchers next door to the shop and that room used to belong to's better now, but when I first started working there it smelt like dead animals...
or even the back passage! :eek: :eek: