Critique Welcomed I Dropped Acid One Day Then I Took A Picture

Brian Moore

Not! I put a new roll of film in the camera and was tripping :)rolleyes:) the shutter and winding the leader on as I walked through my house.

I may have posted this before.

Olympus XA with Fuji 400 film.

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Thanks Pete. Those pictures of Julian's were wonderful. I'm connected to him on IG as well as FB. I think he's concentrating more on his ceramic art lately. (Which is also wonderful.) Perhaps I should encourage him to come back to RPF.
Forums typically respect the souls of the members they contain, are often built on a passion for a topic or topics, and generally aren't sold as commodities for a billion USD.

The 'platform' buzzword often used in reference to 'social' media suggest a flat space with edges instead of an embracing container. The flat platform analogy offers a way of sweeping away the ashes of those consumed as an economic fuel source, ignited by the magnifying glass element of the business model's machinery.

Or a flat planet analogy.

Maybe I exaggerate. Maybe not. I am ok with my outlook. Researching who owns a platform usually reaffirms my bias. My loss (my gain).

Are you still in touch with Julian, Brian?
Yes Pete. Minimally so, I would say. We are connected through Instagram. His artistic outlet is mostly pottery these days, although he occasionally posts some abstract drawings, which are, at least in my view, wonderful. A while back I invited him to start posting photos again on RPF but he seemed not to be in that head space at that time. I think @Rob MacKillop is still connected with Julian also.