Light Mummy strikes again

Dan Cattermole

Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble
This was at Upton Snodsbury's church yard (not a well recognised land mark at all really, but I'll get on that case soon) I also recorded the technique on my phone, as requested by the masterfull Hamish, but, I'm struggling to find a way of getting it on the computer having lost my M2 memory card adaptor.

I was suprised by the 'church wardon' at 10pm last night with a 500 trillion candle light which he unnecessarily fried my facial hair and temporarily blinded me for 3 weeks whilst packing my kit away (yes, I did poo my knickers whilst trying to regain my vision at the same time. lol) He was much relieved that I wasn't a thug stealing the lead from the church tops, but also baffled why he received 4 phone calls from the locals explaining to him that there was some 'paranormal' and 'weird light activity' that occupied the rested bodies at the grave yard. yes, they were his words.
It was a hair raising experience, and also good to know that neighbourhood watch isn't a myth, (or that people have got f**k all better to do with their time other than to investigate a wierdo painting himself in the pitch black next to dead bodies.... tut..... I mean... whats wrong with that???? lol) much enjoyed :) I'll eventually get some landmarks in soon to try and keep the interest sustained. hope you like it folks :)


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You've really caught the human form enough with the light painting that it give the impression of a walking person on the first one. I like that extra dynamic in the image. The 2nd good as well, could be real interesting to set off different coloured flashes in each layer of bushes on a long exposure shot.
Dan, that's absolutely first rate - images and story! :) :)

You should send a copy fo the photo to the parish magazine or something - give them something to chew over. LOL

I love the way the light has spilled over to the hedge, it really looks sharp as well - fantastic!!
Wow, thanks for the great comment guys!! definately gives me an urge to go that further more. Thanks people.

I guess that puts the local Snoders on the map Hamish. lol. didn't think anyone would have any particular interest in my 'once was' local church.

Another thing I forgot to confess in the picture discription was that the torch was not bright enough to luminate the 'tunnel hedges' so I had to do another 2 bulb exposures and rip around the back of the hedges discharging the flashgun. Then, layered the 3 shots in a very old school photoshop elements 2.0 (as I've still yet been unsuccessful in getting this enfuse update working on Lightroom) but it worked :)

Got to get to Elgar Statue very soon (thank you Hamish) but I'm definately open to any other ideas of localish landmarks to violate with my torch. Any clues???
love it