london Skyline

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Whilst waiting for the light for a shot I wanted to take, I happened to notice this. I think the building is the Savoy. Not sure if you can make out the crane on the right, but in another shot it's just a fraction away from looking like it has the sun suspended from it.


Nice capture! Very dramatic lighting Vic

Did you have to do much in post processing to keep the colour in?
Thanks Chris, not that much processing, just processed the RAW and a touch of saturation with a little colour balance then levels and curves to highlight the shafts of light, Hmm ok so there was a little bit more then I thought.Oh and a small crop to crop out a lamppost.
LOL - I do the same, I'm so used to tweaking everything in the RAW converter that I don't even think of this as 'processing' any more!
It's not often I'd say this, but it would be nicer without the trees... Otherwise I like it, the sun out of the top of te clouds is really nice, I love those colours
I feel the same about the trees, well the large one on the right anyway