Attention New Forum Features And Fixes

I've not noticed this, doesn't it work in the same way it used to?
This thread for eg, I've read it loads of times, but it pops up again in the new posts list when new posts happen

I'll pay better attention to what I'm doing. It's not beyond me to screw least once a day.
Ok...I paid attention this morning. I checked in a few times between 8-11:30 this morning. I hit "new posts" each time...and then just now I saw 5 threads for the first time. One in particular "Church in Sunshine" was created early this morning and had a lot of posts. I'll see if it's computer vs mobile devices over the next few days because I check in using 2 of each. Thats my first thought anyway.
Church in the Sunshine was created yesterday morning at 9:56 BST. I wonder if this is a timing / local clocks issue. @Hamish Gill ?
Interesting...I didn't see it using new posts until after 11:00 EST today. I wonder if the Chris post at 9:33 kicked it in gear? That really sounds weird though.
Also FYI... I am in a habit of checking alerts...then new posts...then if I have time I go to the main page and check each forum. I almost always find something new in the forum look. Maybe that sequence does something?
Also 2...for me...this isn't horrible...just curious.
I think I found something. It maybe how all the different devices handles cache or cookies...or how I've got then set up. I thinking it's operator error on my part actually. I am looking at all my screens on all my stuff...and they are all different. I doubt that it's on the server side as I look at it. The server just checks my name and password I would think.
yes, both apple ...
I dont know Glenn, I would have thought it would be a user thing rather than IP though
Me also. It appears that Rob and I are the only ones who noticed anything. I'll speak for's on my side and I'll deal with it. If I miss something...I'll blame @Pete Askew ....Or maybe the sporadic electron God.