New Here let me introduce my self

Hi all i was introduced to this forum today by a guy who works in antics/sight 2 sound in worcester.
Im new to the DSLR world and have just bought my self a new toy,
I have always been into motor sport as im a partner in streffords of worcester, we specialise in italian motorcycles, 4x4's and i have built a couple of track cars, i have competed in all sorts of motor sport but have given that up now so the money i used to use for that i have put into other things and one of them is photogaraphy.

I have always been into photography but never had a DSLR so i have just bought my first, i have just sold my Nikon 8800vr which was a nice ful digital point and shoot, i also have a olympus 1080 sw which i use for when im mountain biking or any other sport where im taking part.

My equipment i have just bought is a Sony alpha 55 with a 18-55 and a 70-300 along with some UV's.

I am new to the dslr world so any help will be very much appriciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi Nathan,

Welcome to the forums, nice to have another Sony shooter here with me.

Theres a few Sports car Photographer here so you'll be in great company.

The 70-300 is a lens I have also, although I don't use it often I do find it a nice lens to use when theres enough light.

welcome on board Nathan, your are part of the RPF exclusive club in that your one of the few members who shoot on sony gear like Vic up there, who believe me is an awesome photographer, believe me you will learn allot from him.

feel free to ask any questions or queries you may have and dont forget to upload you images.

Welcome to RPF Nathan. I haven't been on here a long time, but long enough to know that there are plenty of experienced and decent people on RPF who'd be happy to help. I have an Olympus E series DLSR (which I haven't come across a user of on here as of yet) but that doesn't hold me back to ask any questions on here....... just some reassurement. lol.

Looking forward to seeing some shots

Hi Nathan
Looking forward to seeing some photos from the a55 ... They seem to be good cameras and although I have played with them in the shop and read the reviews, I'm yet to see a real life photo taken on one ...

Good old Barry in the shop touting the forum ... Hope you enjoy it here, feel free to ask any questions about the camera or photography... Obviously Barry will always help you in the shop, bit you can concider this place a short cut to support if you like :) (I work a day a week in the shop too :) )
Welcome Nathan! :)