Snap of the Day (2011)

Check me out in my new grado 325's
Listening to "another brick in the wall" ripped to flac, played through the headphone out of my my majik ds .... Oooo babe of course ... It sounds ace!

That brought back memories. The day my daughter decided she'd had enough of school and chose home education we played "Another Brick in the Wall" and "School's Out" at full volume (rough estate, no problem ;)). The kid loves Vinyl and is going to get a record player for her new room. I'm the one who's lazy and sticking with itunes. Is that admission grounds for excommunication? ;)


Kate (no more posts now til Monday - can't put off fixing LR any longer, and the light's bloomin' perfect out there too...)
Kate ... I you see this ... You can just rename folders that photos are in from within lightroom ... Just right click on them!

Well, there are a few of us with facny hifi's here ... But, excommunication ... No! A love of music is enough to pass the test in my book ;)
In celebration of actually shooting some film...

The camera used: Cambo Legend fitted with a Cooke 229 mm (9") f/4.5 soft focus portrait lens.


The darkslides after being unloaded (Ilford Delta 100 Pr film - 5" x 4")


The developed negatives hanging in the drying cabinet.


Shot with a Ricoh GR Digital III - no PP other than re-sizing.
Bloody hell - Pete has Ilford's old processing lab in his back bedroom!

And that camera mount looks pretty industrial too - nice! :)
I wouldn't know where to start!!

OK, but just for you, here's the list associated with the Cambo:

Cambo Legend with rotating back and glass / fresnal screen
Extension rails (25 cm and 65 cm) plus centre standard and second bellows (for macro / v long lenses).
Polaroid 545 back
6x7 and 6x9 roll film backs
Bag bellows for WA lenses
Cambo Compendium lens shade with vignettes etc.
Linhof to cambo lens panel adapter (I have an Ebony 5x4 field camera with lenses mounted on Ebony / Linhof panels)
Cooke 9" soft focus lens - Copal 3 (probably my most prized lens in any format).
Schneider Apo-Symmar 240 f/5.6 (Copal 3)
Schneider Apo-Symmar 360 f/6.8 (Copal 3)
Schneider Super-Symmar HM 120 f/5.6 (Copal 0)
Rodenstock Grandagon N 75 f/4.5 (Compur 0)
Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 55 f/4.5 with centre filter (Copal 0)
Mounting plate for Hasselblad V system lenses
PhaseOne Flex Adapter (sliding back) for PhaseOne digital and Hasselblad V and H backs (2 plates)
Rodenstock focusing loupe (thing on the string in the picture)
Various straight and elbowed cable releases
Ground glass sensor for Minolta IV meter (although I usually use Sekonic meters - L-758D in this case)
Big black cloth to stick over your head!

Oh yes, and a stack of Fidelity double dark slides (5"x4").

The camera is shown mounted on an old Elektra studio stand which is perfect for the studio in Berlin as the height is limited where there's an old beam (I have a large Cambo stand in England but it is just too tall so I brought the shorter one here) using a Sinar rotate and tilt head (soon to be replaces by an Arca Swiss Cube).

Here's a quick snap to highlight the difference between Copal 0 (L - 120 mm lens) and Copal 3 (R - 360 mm lens)

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i have 2 questions
what was it you said you do for a living?
how would i get in to it ?
... it obviously pays more than my line of work ;)
This snap of the day thread need a kick start eh ...

Todays fun...
At great expense to my self some nice folk are digging a whole in my yard

Happens as you get older Hamish - you get problems with your plumbing!

Looks like you're having a pex water line snaked in to replace the old one?
Replacing my victorian(?) lead...
all fun and games ... just got to try and convince severn trent to come and conect it up to the main now ... we are on overground at the mo!
If that really is lead, that explains a lot Hamish... ;) ;)

But seriously, if it was lead, thank goodness you're getting it swapped out!

Just as an afterthought - what do they earth the house wiring to when you have a plastic water main?
A ground spike if they need to. Often they are just bonded back to the sub-station. If those are waste pipes then, in theory, the water main should go over them. The idea is that if there some sort of breakage then the waste can't contaminate the water supply. In practice they are too close together to make any real difference.
He said the water should go over the top but they were too close to the surface ...
I can't see how any contamination would happen though ... The water pipe is plastic...

Bak to this earth thing ... The lead pipe is still in the ground ... Shall I connect an earth cable from where the others join to the taps to the original bit of lead?
I'd check with an electrician Hamish - unless we have one on the forum?
Altho plastic has a good insulation over a meter I think the regs still state that any external fuel/water line should be earthed back to the main eathing terminal (MET) it's to ensure all your copper pipe running through your house does not become live. If your simply swapping your main supply to plastic over a meter I think your fine as long as your copper/steel pipe is still connected to the MET with 10mm earthing wire. Problem is mate is the regulations are so vague it's different for every age of house. It looks to me the lead pipe was your MET so if you have disconnected you have made your MET redundant and the internal pipes in your house will not me eathed meaning it will need rebonding/earthing. ........... Get a professional to make sure !!!!!
What he said!

Shouldn't the guys from the water board, or whoever did the work - also do the earth bonding?