Snap of the Day (2011)

Now that's cute :)
Today I 'as mostly bin buildin a gate!

An excellent gate Hamish, my pic of the day is my mates messin around on a trig point near manchester
Seeeeeeeee! I told you there was an orange rabbit!
Pete... You have obviously been talkig to Dodkin too much ... Your both mad ... I have no idea what your talking about ...
Denial Hamish. It's a classic symptom. Starts out simple with claiming that something just doesn't exist, but then it just gets worse and worse until something like this happens. The sad demise of an innocent orange Rabbit. Where will it end? Were those chickens really asleep in their hutch, I ask myself. I fear it won't be long before the nice me with the coat with long sleeves turn up! You've been overdoing it with the HLML and the price has to paid... Stress. A terrible thing!!

Check me out in my new grado 325's
Listening to "another brick in the wall" ripped to flac, played through the headphone out of my my majik ds .... Oooo babe of course ... It sounds ace!!

They were quite angry folk weren't they? Maybe all they wanted was decent sounding headphones ... They were probably 60's ones that sounded too warm ... They would have been a lot more pleasant race if they had ha grados I reckon!