Thank You / Getting the Forum out there?

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
First off, thank you to all the new members who have been so proactive on here recently. its so nice to see people getting on as i hoped they would... even those who didnt previously know each other.

i have had almost entirly positive feedback from you all which is very encouraging and reading vics comment

.... I must say this forum has inspired me to get up and out again

well that made me feel very positive about the whole thing

so far you have all set the forum on just the right footing, this is exactly how i would like things to continue... but with a few more people :)

which brings me to the second point...

grez ahs suggested that he try and make some advert to put in his flickr photostream... a nice idea... but im not sure of the legitimacy of it taking into account flickr's rules?
im not sure i have ever seen any advertising on flickr... and as nice an idea it is trying to get more people here... i dont think i would like to be faced with advertising on flickr... if that makes any sence...
still the idea is a good one... or at least the thinking "out of the box" (i hate that phrase) is good... ...

so, has any one got any more ideas on how to get some more people on here and chatting in the same way that you have all done so far!?

thank you again,

i was a little worried i had bitten off more than i can chew setting up this place but you have made me think again.... you have all been the perfect first members and have set exactly the right tone for the place... i owe you all a beer :)
:D I'd prefer a Scotch:D:D
I have yet to get up and out though:( but I will do, then you'll all be sorry:)

and I'll have a JD and coke(splash of coke)
You could set up a FaceBook page for the Forum - grab some more folks that way

You can also do (paid) targeted advertising via FaceBook - for example people who like photography, or Nikon, or Ansel Adams etc etc - you can get very granular, and you only pay per click.

Did some for a Facebook page I set up for work, and got 800 people signed up in no time!

Other than that - maybe people can post on other non-photo forums they frequent, and provide a link to this forum for folks to follow.
I have looked at facebook advertising before ... I'm just hesitant to spend money when I'm doing the forum for the fun of it... It's a good idea though... I will look ferther into costs I think!
does anyone click on the facebook ads? I know I dont
I don't. I did put a link on my facebook page, and also on the "finepixels" flickr discussion forum (but not in a direct picture, Hamish. I was too chicken for that!).

The facebook group is a good idea because it could get a few people who are searching facebook for "photography" related stuff, and it's something a lot of us could link to on our facebook pages.
If all members who are on facebook can suggest that page to specific friends they have that would help spread the word.....

Also hamish you need to write something, maybe latest news or about a particular discussion from here on the forum, onto the facebook page like very regular to keep new content being added to the facebook page, keep linking back to a certain photo or discussion you like to encourage visitors on facebook to view the forum.

Just bit of advice i think might work

You might want to post a pic or two from the forum on the Facebook page, to get people looking.

I think as admin you can do this without opening photos up to everyone else.