The Waterdall Walk at Pontneddfechan

Laurie Parker

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Situated in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park, renowned for its natural beauty and industrial heritage, the area around the small village of Pontneddfechan adds its own little slice of magic to the area by way of lush green, steep sided valleys and beautiful waterfalls.




these are a couple of shots from last thursday, this place really is fantastic I feel so lucky they are near enough on my doorstep, Darren are you still up for a visit to these when the leaves start falling?
Beautiful photos - #1 could be a postcard, or magazine ad for the area.

Can't wait to see some autumn shots of the same area :)
cheers Chris I just had the first one printed at the lab 16 by 12 and mounted and in a frame something different for the walls lol - autumn time is amazing there too, reds yellows and orange leves
you know what i think about these laurie, there bloody brilliant.......!!!! I have never seen any better image of a waterfall as these........!! You defo got this sussed lol

( still waiting for my guided tour )

Top class Waterfall shots IMO.
Tried looking at Exif info but it's unavailable. Any chance of telling us what settings and what filters (if any) used.
I just asked in my post Darren are you still up for a walk in the autumn, I shall keep eyes peeled for leaves changing colours around the falls so we can sort something out,these are the Pontneddfechan falls.

Settings for these are Aperture priority, 1 second shutter speed, I usually go for longer to get the plungepool a lot smoother too but these were taken midday and the sun was directly above and slighty to the right so rather than mess about was happy that the falls were smooth, I used my ND8 filter on these ones, and f8 shot in RAW.

Also I usually go on an overcast day with minimal sunshine as I find it so much easier on the falls, I was a little late getting to these as its deffo better I reckon to get to any waterfalls before midday