The Wyre Forest

Nice bit of selective colouring, and good blurring of the background - was that natural or done with the lightroom?

You should have dropped off at ours for a cuppa afterwards. We do better tea than the cafe up there! :-D
Cheers Grez, Yea, the blurring was Natural, even a f3.5 there was enough distance to mess it up good! :D
Selective colour was done with PhotoShop 7, I can afford anything else.

Ya see, next time Im in the region I'll have to take you up on that offer, as long as your coffe is better too :p
Tamara was walking in front of me and I stopped, put the camera on the tripod, and turned backwards. I said "Whats that?" looking into the trees, as Tamara looked for a bit, I turned and hit the shutter! Hooray for fear!

Diversion tactics - I like it!
Not normally a fan of selective colouring, I do feel this works for me for some reason. Looks sureal with a great expression, maybe a little bit of zoom burst in the background to heighten the tension.