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John Secrist

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I been into photography for about 40 yrs now, since junior high school. I've done 15 yrs of weddings to help pay for the equipment. Now it's all digital, gave my son the 35mm and sold the medium format equipment. I am using a Nikon D300 with several lens, photoshop CS5 and other "must have" software titles. Never can have enough equipment or software it seems :~)

I live near Atlanta GA, USA and I get to travel a little bit, not enough! I came over from the Nikon_D100_D200_D300_D700 yahoo group and would like to help/view/learn from this site.
Good stuff John, welcome to the forum!
i too dabble in wedding photography although im limiting it to 12 a year now to concentrate on other lines of work.
what do you concidor "must have" software... i couldnt live without lightroom my self
Hi John and welcome. As you can see the forum is new and membership is growing. Soon we shall have membership in the double figures and Hamish will celebrate by treating himself to a pint and a packet of pork scratchings! Please post some pics soon so we can have a look and hopefully pick up a few tips.
Hi All,
I`m the latest newbie then ? number 26 eh ? Good on ya guys for setting up a proper `real` Photography site for guys who do this mad job for a living..
Look forward to being involved and helping where I can and learning where I can !