I Phone HDR

Darren Turner

the latest update to the firmware of my iphone 4 has put a HDR feature on the camera.........!!

When activated it merges 3 exposures of the same image into one or something similar, it saves 2 images at a time, the standard Jpeg & HDR jpeg.

Here is a comparison, taken of the same view as the one i posted in snap of the day earlier when it was raining and low mist over the mountain in our back garden.


Standard Image


New HDR Feature Activated

so the big question is......... does this new feature make the phone take a better image??

Neither has been edited in any way apart for a resize.

I like the sky in the HDR version but the grass looks too processed to me.
I prefer the sky in the HDR one too but dont like the grass or mountains they appear to have lost details thats are in the standard image
I used the iPhone HDR feature for the first time yesterday - seems to pull back skies nicely and presents a more dynamic exposure range (as you'd hope).

I tend to use my iPhone to record shooting locations - as it tags the location via GPS when loaded into iPhoto. I use the iPhone image as a ref in this way.

HDR iPhone ref shot (taken earlier in the afternoon whilst the fog was in!:


Given the tragically grey conditions at the time of taking the iPhone shot, it did a great job at getting detail in the sky and ground.

Final 5D MKII location shot at sunset:

to be honest it don't take a bad picture really for snap shots this i phone.......does the job for me, i like the geo tagging idea as well.........!!

same old compact camera hdr cack if you ask me ... the sony compacts are the worst for it ... they think they are doing something clever but its just bad technology for the sake of bad technology if you ask me...
still that is all said without actually having updated to the new firmware my self yet so i should perhaps hold off too much judgment
geo tagging is ok for photos but no good if someone is stalking you, and u use twitter

Wow - never even thought about that - strange world we live in
Read an article the other day about smartphones and geo tagging, it showed normal tweets being posted to twitter and the information the phones were given out really was invasive, dont get me wrong geo tagging if your out and about for the day and taking a nice scenic snapshot and want to do a direct upload and it gives the info about the area etc by using apps such as footprints etc great, but what the article was more concerned about was the geo tagging wasnt disabled on other functions on the mobile phone so a normal tweet with someone saying for example " waiting outside dentist" was actually giving the address where the person was etc etc, all found out by using a bit of software and the "victim" for want of another word using geo tagging on all mobile features,

Unfortunately stalking occurs these day and there is a lot of it going on so indeed a very strange world