Out along the coast with my bike

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
I'm thankful the bike is electric, as I'm not fit these days for more than a few hundred yards. I went a couple of miles along the coast. Minimal editing, because I get quickly bored and a little depressed doing digital colour. The Q3 is not recognised as an open landscape camera, but I'm happy with the subtleties. Most of the geese were in pairs already. I created a signature watermark including a musical flat sign for the letter b, but looking at it here, it looks far too big, and could do with some fading. The bike shot is from my phone. FYI, I suffered for my art, as the weather was freezing. My head was like a block of ice. Must get a wooly hat that fits over the crash helmet!

Paired Geese 2.jpg

Paired Geese 5.jpg

Split Toned:
Paired Geese.jpg

Or you can have a wooley hood under your crash helmet Rob, 😇. Whether your head's condition was cold, pictures warmed me up and inspired me to get out of my dungeon and do the same. Nice ones I say.:hhf: But I'd have to walk.


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