Snap of the Day (2012)

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Bit of a recap from the original 2010 thread

Since around 1900 everyday people have been able to take everyday photos of their surroundings. The invention of the box brownie was possibly the start of "snap shot" photography and as time has passed since then more and more technology has been invented to allow even the least technically capable person take a photo.

We are now at a stage that even our mobile phones are capable of taking passable photography. The up shot of this is that everyday possibly millions of photos are taken that will only ever be viewed once or twice again until they are eventually lost by the breakdown of a HDD or the loss of a backup cd etc.

The funny thing is that when we look back at photos taken in the days of our child hood or even back further back to the 70's 60's 50's 40's etc (i was born in the 80's ). Some of the most fascinating things are of what at the time might have been considered fairly mundane - the lack of cars on the road, or the tram on the high street that is long since gone etc...

it is also very apparent to me that many of us are inspired by these images, i often try to make my photos look subtly vintage, in fact it is a big part of my style... especially when it comes to wedding photography..

The passing of time is fundamentally fascinating to all humans, tv programmes, books, articles on the internet about history and archaeology and antiques and relics are everywhere ... yet we allow our lives to pass with barely a thought for the now, we are always thinking about the future or indeed reminiscing about the past.

With that in mind, i would like to encourage people to take one photo everyday and post it in this thread... it doesn't matter what it is of; your car, your dog, the street outside your house, the high street in your town ... it really doesn't matter! what does matter is that it is a moment in time... a moment in your time... that is after all in the simplest terms what photography is about.

The rules are as follows post process
2.state a brief description of what the photo is of and if it is relevant its location
3.state the camera that you used

That's it... i just want to see basic photography direct from the camera of your surroundings as they are as you see them today, tomorrow and every day from now on.
i really hope that this forum lasts, in fact if it lasted long enough for people to be able to look back even as little as 5 years i think that these photos could indded become the most interesting on here!
Tired Connie with Grubby pillow

That's a great picture, Hamish!

I'm probably averaging about 3 pictures a day beginning the 1st of Jan. Of course, most are film--except that I shot some pics with the 7D at a dance event last Friday--so I don't see my pics until I finish and develop a roll. I'll post a pic here from time to time.
This is a bit of a less commited 366 thread ... I'm shooting primarily film too at the moment! With spatterings of old glass on new cameras ... And the odd iPhone snap...
This thread is for my SOOC ... Or I suppose SOOP shots ...
And anyone else's for that matter ...
The rest of my shots get thier own threads .... I like it more that way! :)
... Cheers btw, she looked so sweet with her head on te cat, got the camera out and she yawned and did this... Live it when that sort of thing happens!
Not my shot, but a buddy on Facebook snapped this in Croydon - and I felt compared to share... :D :D :D

What an unfortunate choice of positioning :D did he send it to the manager :D miught have got a voucher for something new in store :D
I like this a lot - the dof is lovely
its blady snowing ...
went out shooting with the Blad, its so hard to gauge light in snow when you are not used to it
400iso fuji pro h in the camera I wanted some dof and found that to shoot at f11 i needed 1sec exposure ...
thankfully I took my cable release!

Snowing bladly? Was that deliberate?!! ;)

A CF I see!! :)

Looking forward to seeing the results.

Not had as much snow here or in Hannover but it has been chilly with the highest at -7ºC in the day and -17ºC at night - and colder this week to come.
Looks cold Hamish
-17 ... Not fun that!
It was cold, but not that cold!!

Yeah, using the CF! The man from sprockets said it would be expensive to get a new rubber focus ring from hasselbald ... £80 maybe, but that still makes it a pretty good buy of I go for it... Which I'm pretty certain I'm going to!
Congrats Dave - everyone doing ok given the early arrival?