Snap of the Day (2012)

Love that light Brian - typical blue sky California! :D
Just completed changing both brake pads on my Suzuki V-Strom bike, love a messed up garage!


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Joshua, today at our barbequeDSC_7484.jpg
First lightning with the X-Pro1. ISO200, f/9.0 25 seconds. Manual settings via trial and error, with the goal of keeping the feeling of night, but still showing enough detail to give a sense of scale and environment. 18mm (27mm equivalent).



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Nice one Larry!
bored at work last night so took some shots of my workstation. on the left is the microphone to the 800 mhz radio system, and on the right are the 8 screens at the workstation i used that night and some of the other 59 screens we watch.

DSCF1683-2.jpg DSCF1687-2.jpg
dept. of transportation emergency operations technician (aka dispatcher). we take phone calls and dispatch them to whoever we need, mostly DOT personnel and 911 centers. Then we keep track of our DOT guys. we also control the traffic signal system and adjust times if we need to for an incident.

both nights we had 2 ppl working. the night i took these we had 3 minor phone calls. the night before this we had a fatal crash investigation, a train derailment, one riot/large fight, a shooting, and some idiot in a corvette that ran into one of our nighttime pavement striping crews which shut down a major expressway for a few hours. and that was just what made the newspapers..
It's this odd antiquated black plastic sorta stuff ...
you stick them on this rotating platter and drop a finly balanced diamond transducer on to it ... With the right gear hooked up to it you get music out of them ...
Black magic disks I call them ... Others simply refer to it as "vinyl" or "lp's"
Aparently they are from the days before everything was made of ones and zeros ...

The (mostly) white one also came with one of those seedees - shinney silver thing, also spins but does contain ones and zeros ... Still has the odd requirement for some sort of mechanical "transport" ... I frankly find it all very tedious! It's all required to get me some music though :)

And yeah, as Pete said, they have the xx recorded on to them... The (mostly) black one is the first album the white one is the just released new one!
They'll probably work on an old wind-up gramaphone if you can slow it down. Well they'll work once at least! ;)

Polished the edge of the platter on the LP12 yesterday (someone had done it once before, but badly). Now I can see my fingerprints on it more clearly! ;)
ah, you should have just said they were old ppl cds. i've seen them before..

i barely remember 8 tracks and that's only cause my father held on to his until i was the 90s..