Snap of the Day (2012)

First time I have been online properley in a couple of months unfortunatly Casey died of a bleed into her lungs at 10 days old

Really sorry to hear that, and sorry I didnt spot this before I posted elsewhere!
That's really terrible Dave, I cant begin to imagine how you must have felt!
best of luck in the weeks and months to come, and send my best to your lady too!
Great composition on this one Peter
Weekend Oasis - at the Viceroy Palm Springs


Long holiday weekend here in the US - time to reconnect with an old pal from Blighty, and have a little R&R ;)
A random Chicken ............ Wandering around on the farm where my office is. Taken with my Ricoh CX2 (I keep it on my belt). Set on Auto, White Balnce "Cloudy", Multi Point AF, Multi Point Metering.


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Today's offering................ Straight out of my Ricoh CX2.


Did she not realise the water was getting deeper ????? ........... Perhaps she sould have spent a bit extra and bought the optional "Depth Gauge" for her TomTom :rolleyes:

..... I guess it's time to "Cull the Heard"

Nice! - Any gold or leprechauns?
No but by the look of the place there were probably a few burly Irish chaps with gold teeth!!

That's a nifty bit of parking there too on top of the container.

Nice light and I like the contrast between the semi-industrial scene and the rainbow Darren.

Huey Lewis and the News - the Heart of Rock and Roll was still beating - although the vocal chords were shot! :D
My Grandson at the park today ..................