A First Glimpse of Winter

As in the UK, it has been unseasonably warm here for the last month or so. That all changed yesterday with a temperature of about 5 ºC and a strong wind all day. The temperature dropped to -2 ºC during the night and this morning we had light snow for a few hours and it is cold enough that the roofs are still covered.

First Snow-1.jpg

Sony RX100, ISO 80, 1/60 at F1:2.8. PP in LR and Nik ColorEFEX Pro 4.
I love this Pete.
You know I love a good window smear(!) but, on first viewing, the logical part of my brain is telling me 'nothing to see here'. Then it's attention is caught by the building on the right - because of the colour of it, I guess. That makes me want to explore the rest of the image more deeply.
Very nice.