First time in the snow

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Both grand daughters had never seen the snow, so we headed north up to Flagstaff AZ at 7500 ft, and found some for them to play in. :cool:

Exposure was a nightmare with the cloudy conditions and snow - ended up using +1/3 stop, would probably try +2/3 stop another time.

WB I did in post processing - found CLOUDY was the best compromise that kept some colour in the people, but didn't make the snow look odd.

Here are a few shots from the day with the 28-70 lens.




Lovely shots Chris, Look slike the girl really enjoyed it. We went out last week with my daughters, the oldest's friend and the dogs. We have some large medows nears us and they loved it. Hope you dont mind bu trather than start a new thread I put some pics on this one. As you can see it was fairly bleak that day but dispite that it was good fun if not finger freezing cold.





Nice one Paul - I really like the slightly sheepish looking pooch, it's a great look :)
The bloody thing always looks like that cause its always done something naughty! I quite like that one too but unfortunately I managed to get its hind more in focus that its eyes. Little bugger doesnt sit still for long when let off the lead, which is kind of the point I know.