Just bought the 5D MKII

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
After being a 1D series user for the last 10 years or so, I added the 5D MKII to the Canon kit list last week.

I was a little worried that the 5 series would be some sort of a 'downgrade' from the 1 series, but I have to say I've been extremely impressed so far.

Build quality seems very good - the grip is essential (for me) and feels solid, with a shutter button.

Still wading my way through the manual - but the results so far have been very pleasing.




Nice to get my wide angles back with the full frame body! :cool:
Love that helicopter - great effect used really well.
Thanks Grez - it's so nice to get the full effect of the fisheye on the new full frame body - I'd never actually seen it on anything other than a cropped frame before that day!
I have a sigma 15mm and had a similar experience goon from d300 to d3... It was almost pointless on the d300 (the d1 is 1.3 crop right) on the d3 it was somthing else... I never had any joy with it on my film cameras for some reason... I think it's quite hard to frame right through a view finder without a slightly large screen to view after... Either that or I just take a lot more shots with the d3 and the probability of finding a good one goes up...